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Welcome to the English wiki of Air Ride Modoki, based from the GameCube game "Kirby Air Ride" and developed with HSP, it supports multiplayer online up to 16 players at once!

First time? Read all the pages on the guide section to know how to play the game!

This is a community driven game, I'll add the necessary information about adding resources at a later time. For now, enjoy the game!

エアもどの日本語のwikiはここです: http://wikiwiki.jp/airmodo/

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Server List


Name IP(:Port) Version Comments
8 Ball 0.951 Server in United States.
NAir Ride 0.96 Server in East Coast United States. Double Hp. (If you save the IP and later find the server is not there, check back here - the IP may have changed.)


Name IP(:Port) Version Comments
アグニス 0.97 Server in default settings.
REX湘南 0.97 7 minute time limit and machines cannot be broken.
男鹿 oga.f5.si 0.97 Server in default settings, contains all the server profiles.
男鹿 oga.f5.si:53000 0.97 Server with the same settings as Flat's server.

Feel free to check the japanese wiki to find more servers.

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