These events happen in City Trial mode.

Character Events

  • Dyna Blade: Dyna Blade comes down and lands in a random spot in the city. Hit her head for stats. Hit her eye for a all patch.
  • Tac: Tac appears and drops stats. If you hit him, he drops more stats.

Environmental Events

  • Meteors: Meteors rain down from the sky. It also appears in the Survival Stadiums. When they fall and hit the ground, they will explode. After the explosion, power-ups appear around where the meteor landed.
  • Dense fog: A dense fog appears in the city. You won't be able to see very far ahead of you, and other players won't appear on the minimap unless you get close to them.
  • Fake Items: Fake items will sometimes appear in the city. Touching them will instead hurt you instead of help you. Remember to look closely on what you pick up!
  • Same Items: All boxes will spin and no matter what type of box you destroy, they will all contain only one item. Legendary Piece boxes will not spin and will still contain Legendary Pieces (or Maxim Tomatoes)
  • Bouncy Items: All items will bounce around when they hit the ground/wall. Legendary Pieces and Legendary Piece Boxes are not affected.
  • City Lighthouse: The City Lighthouse's Lights will turn on. Drive into the lights in order to regain health.
  • Air Ride Formation: Several machines will appear in a "V" formation and fly in the air towards a direction. You can jump and grab the machines from the formation. You will also get some items from doing this.
  • Charge: Everyone gets the "Run Amok" powerup, which boosts their machines speed to beyond their maximums, causing everyone to fly everywhere!
  • Station Fire: The 5 station rail areas will catch on fire. Driving too close to the fire will hurt you (obviously).

Object Events

  • Huge Pillar: A large, pinkish pillar will appear somewhere in the city, visible from a distance by a beam of light. The pillar is destructible, and players are encouraged to attack it in order to break it. Once destroyed, an assortment of Powerups, Food and Copy Abilities will rain down. (Taken from English Fan Wiki)

Sub Events

  • Castle Chamber: The Castle Chamber in the castle will open up and reveal several pieces of one item. Should this sub event happen during a City Trial, it happens only once.
  • Restoration Area: Several Restoration Areas will appear around the city. You can drive over them to regain health. However, unlike the City Lighthouse event, these Restoration Areas have only a limited amount of energy, and will collapse upon using it all up. The Areas will flash when they lose some energy. The more energy that gets used up, the faster the flashes happen.
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