Q: I don't know how to download/play the game! Everything's in Japanese!

A: Don't worry, it's easier than you'd think:
Once you clicked on the Version, you might be in a Japanese page. Click the button that says 'ダウンロード' (or just "Download" if you've translated the page). Wait a little bit and the download will start.
In case it doesn't start on its own, click 'Download Now'.
Some browsers, like Google Chrome, can translate entire webpages for you as you navigate them, so using Chrome may help make downloading a bit easier. (Not to mention this editor has a huge personal bias in favor of it.)
Once you've downloaded it, everything might be in Japanese. Open the settings .exe file, then follow the guide in this video to change it to English:
Have fun!

Q: I can't start the game!

A: It's possible that you're missing something to install. You must install DirectX Runtime. Also, as you'll see below, as of right now the game only runs natively on Windows.

Q: It says I don't have Pixel Shader 2.0 or higher, what is that?

A: This is part of your graphics card, if you don't have Pixel Shader 2.0 then nothing can be done. However if you know that you do have a version that's compatible, it might be a driver problem. Reinstall your graphics drivers in that case.

Q: Will my save still be present when I update the game?

A: Yes, as long as the save folder is untouched. You can copy it if you want too.

Q: Will this game be ported to iPhone, Mac OS or/and Linux?

A: If HSP can do it, it can be ported there.
It is possible to play Air Ride Modoki on Mac and Linux if you install wine and winetricks (for DirectX 9 support).
There might be a few graphical problems in doing so. Unfortunately, you cannot make a server.
Additionally, as of right now, the game cannot be ported to iPhone, although there are ways to make Android run Windows programs if you're tech-savvy, have a good device, and know what you're doing.

Q: The game behaves strangely and/or lags a ton.

A: Your PC specs might not be enough. Try to reduce the resolution, and configure the game depending on your specs. It might improve performance if you close some CPU heavy programs.

Q: I can't control my character!

A: That might be because you didn't set the controls right, try setting the keys in the game config. Uncheck the Joypad button if you're using a keyboard to play in case it still doesn't work. Side note, if you really want to use a controller, an Xbox 360 controller is highly recommended.

Q: MIDI Initialization has failed!

A: This error happens with Windows 8. Open the game config, go to 'Video and Sound' and check DirectMusic. That might fix the music.

Q: What is the latest version?

A: As of the time that this was typed, Version 0.97. The download for this version is http://download1.getuploader.com/g/589bd378-3728-47e2-bc5f-2160b63022d0/airride_modoki/132/AirrideModoki_0970.zip
Make sure you've checked the download toolbar on the left side of the website to make sure you have the latest version!

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