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First time!

In City Trial mode, we all struggle to get the best machine in this city.

Many kinds of things happens here, from falling meteors to Dyna Blade appearing to make some trouble, you have to strive to stay in a good shape while finding items you need, and avoiding to get your machine destroyed by your enemies!

The flow of the game is simple: your goal is to compete other players with the best machine you can get at the Stadium!

Preparing the game!

First, you need to download the game, the link is always available on the menu to the left, with the version number.
You need to click the button named "ダウンロード". The download will then start soon. If not, click "Download Now".

Then extract the zip file with your extractor of choice (WinRAR, 7-zip…), and you're almost ready to go!
The game by default uses Japanese language, you need to change it. Don't worry! It's easy.

Double-click 'airride_setting.exe', then click the first button. Change the Language to English, and then click EXIT. Next time you run one of the executables, it will be in english. You're now ready to go!

You can configure the game with airride_setting.exe, getting the server running with airride_server.exe, or just play the game with airride_modoki.exe (that's what you want!).

Getting Started

  • First, type your nickname on the specified box.
  • Then you specify the IP and Port of the server, connect and enjoy!

If you want to connect to your own server hosted on your PC, the Local Connect ( button will directly connect the game to your own server.
Don't forget to click Launch Server! on your server to start it up!

Check! About the Checklist.

In this game, like the original, there's the Checklist. It's a set of challenges that gets checked when they are done.
There are 256 checks in total (including not implemented ones). Try to check'em'all!

Check! Something's wrong!

  • Outdated version
    • Is your version up to date? Check the Wiki again at the Download menu to be sure.
    • If the download button appears in the game menu, then your version might be outdated as well.
  • Server is full
    • In this case, I suggest to be patient until you can join.

The Lobby!

  • "<x>P" is the ID. It goes from 1P to 16P and comes in a first come, first served basis. The nickname appears next to it.
  • EXP is the experience points you get by playing the game, depending on the rule setting (+50 per play, +1 per collected item…).
  • There might be something like VR2000 appearing next to your nick in the lobby screen. This is called the rate. This is an indication of the strength of your opponent, this number goes up and down depending on winning and losing ratio.
  • You can choose your favorite color with the Previous/Next Color (A, S) buttons. There are 30 colors total as of today.
  • When you are ready to play, select [not ready] and press PUSH (Space) to send the ready command. You can press PUSH again to be not ready after all.
  • If you press the Chat (Enter) key, you can Chat with the players in the meantime everyone prepares. You can also enter commands to the chat.

Check! Commands

  • /yogen, /stg
    • To get the Stadium prediction again, if you've missed it.
  • /retire, /giveup
    • To retire at the current stadium.
  • /reset, /nogame
    • To start a vote to reset the game.
  • /leave, /logout, /exit, /quit
    • To disconnect from the server and return to the main menu.
  • /role, /setting
    • Show the current rule set.
  • /mode
    • To start a vote to swap game mode (City Trial <-> Stadium only).
  • /team
    • To start a vote to swap team mode (Team <-> Free-for-all).
  • /novote
    • Cancel the current vote.
  • /kick [Player ID or Player Name]
    • Start a vote to kick the following player.

Some commands are omitted for now, all the commands are in the readme. (This page will be updated later.)

Default Controls

Key Effect
Left / Right Turn Left/Right. (Alternated: Spin)
Up / Down Move the center of gravity (Up: Lower, Down: Rise)
Space PUSH (Stops the machine, Boost, Use Power…)
Space + Up Crouch
Space + Down Get off the machine (City Trial only)
A, S Change Color
D, F Set SE Volume
E, R Set BGM (Music) Volume
Z Alternate Music
B Change Camera
X, V Change Point of View
C Back to your Point of View
Enter Chat
TAB Show Stats
F3 Show FPS

Check! Joypad Use

  • You can also use a USB Joypad. If it's plugged in, the game will automatically use the Joypad. If the Keyboard doesn't work, disable the Joypad in the game config.
  • If you use a Joypad, the default control settings might not be optimal. Feel free to check the settings and see if everything is all right.

City Trial has begun!

  • The basic rules of City Trial is to strengthen your machine by collecting powerups before the time runs out! Items might fall from the sky, which can be powerups, recovery items, copy abilities, buff items and weapons.
  • Boxes might also fall from the sky as well. If you break it, various items might come off depending on the color.
Color Content
box0_0.png Powerups, Recovery items
box1_0.png Buff Items, Weapons
box2_0.png Copy Abilities, Legendary Machine parts (rare)
box4_0.png Legendary Machine parts, or Maxim Tomatoes (if out of parts)
  • Breaking blue boxes is your best bet to collect powerups. Whether you have the advantage or not at the stadium depends on the number of powerups you collected.

Check! Stutter and Graphical Bugs

  • Set the graphics settings
    • Disable the Shadows in the game config. There's more information in the Game Configuration page.
  • Hardware isn't fast enough
    • <TODO>

Check! Legendary Machines

They are very performant machines. There's the "Dragoon" and the "Hydra", as well as a newer one on Air Ride Modoki: the "Starship".
You need to find the three parts from red boxes to get any of these machines. Watch out though, your opponents can steal the parts you found!
Machine Parts
Dragoon 70.png71.png72.png
Hydra 73.png74.png75.png
Starship 76.png77.png78.png
Orchestra 79.png7A.png7B.png
Thunderbolt 7C.png7D.png7E.png

But what exactly are machines?

  • Kirby rides vehicles called Air Ride Machines.
The Compact Star is given at the start of the City Trial, it's perfect for collecting powerups.
  • The machine will accelerate on its own. Left/Right will turn the machine to that direction, and most machines slows down while doing it. To brake, press the PUSH button, but while doing so, the charge tank on the lower right of the screen will accumulate power. When you release the brake when it has accumulated enough charge, you will be given a short speed boost. Don't try to keep that charge too long, or it will go back to 0!
  • If you find a little step, you can fly a bit from there! Raise or Lower it by using Up/Down. Most machines gain acceleration when in flight.
  • And one more technique you need to know is the spin attack. You can do that by alternating left and right keys. You can quickly break a box with this attack, as well as beating your rivals. You will also be invincible for a short amount of time. Use it at the right time to dodge the rival's attack! It's a useful technique.

Switching Machines

  • The Compact Star has a drawback though: It has low HPs. If your machine gets destroyed, many of the powerups you got will be scattered around, and you will be left on foot!

Before this happens, you need to switch machines.

  • Changing machines is pretty easy. Press PUSH + Down and you will get off the machine. If you do that, you will able to see machine icons from the distance. The icon shows what type of machine it is, and the icon color tells the machine's current HPs, from the following order of colors: White, Green, Yellow, then Red if it's at it's lowest.
  • Arrow keys will move Kirby to that direction, and PUSH makes him jump. To ride a machine you found, just walk to it. However, it's possible that some of your items will make the machine have pretty bad handling.
  • Here's some recommendations of machines to use at the City for different styles of playing:
    • Machines that are suitable for collecting items:
      • Compact Star
      • Swerve Star
      • Shadow Star
      • Wheelie Scooter
    • Machines that are suitable for offensive approach:
      • Shadow Star
      • Bulk Star
      • Rex Wheelie
      • Delta Star
  • When your HP meter starts to become yellow, it might be a good idea to search for food. Eat some food to recover a bit. A maxim tomato fullys recovers the machine's HPs! Food likely comes out of blue boxes.

Something is happening!

  • Sometimes, some incidents occurs in the city. Access to items in the castle, falling meteors, items bouncing…
It's only a few of the variety of events that might occur! Feel free to look at the City Trial Events page for a list.
FORG3kQ.png This icon on the minimap will show where an event occurs if it happens in a specific place.
  • Also, sometimes a prediction is given. It predicts what challenge will be awaiting for you at the stadium. You might rethink your strategy depending on what's going to be at the stadium. However, the prediction is only a prediction, and isn't always right, so watch out.

To the Stadium!

Now that City Trial is finished, you will now move to the Stadium, as everyone gets ready after looking at the powerup stats.
The game's outcome is determined by this point!

There are many kinds of challenges awaiting in the Stadium, like compete in a race, beating rivals as much as you can in a limited time, fly the longest distance you can get…
Everything depends on the machines' features, and it's strongest feature might or might not be some help depending on the challenge given. Relying on predictions can be some help.

  • Here are some machines we can recommend for specific tasks:
    • Machines suitable for races:
      • Rocket Star
      • Jet Star
      • Formula Star
    • Machines suitable for battle:
      • Bulk Star
      • Rex Wheelie
      • Defense Star
    • Machines suitable for flight:
      • Compact Star
      • Winged Star
      • Slick Star

Also, if you fall of the map, or you get your machine destroyed, depending on the challenges, you might be retired!
Now, let's ride!

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