Game Configuration

You can configure the game with 'airride_setting.exe'.
Three buttons will be shown in the main screen:
Video and Sound, Rule Settings, Key Config

Video and Sound



You can set it in Japanese, or in English. You need to restart the settings to take effect.


Sets the resolution of the game.


Sets the Anti-Aliasing in the game, the game won't feel pixelated.


Sets the fullscreen mode on/off.

16-bit Mode

Sets 16-bit graphic depth.


The distance of 3D projection can be set here.

Shadow Mapping

Makes shadows. It halts quite a bit of the performance, if the game is stuttering, you might consider to uncheck this.

Camera Shake

Enables Camera Shaking when hit, if you feel dizzy you can disable it.

Startup Text

Initialization text will appear once you run the game.


Uses DirectMusic instead of MIDI Mapping for songs, can be useful for Windows 8.

Config BGM

By default the game configuration will play a song. You can disable it.

Rule Settings

Check Rule Settings for information.

Key Config

You can set the controls of the game. To set the joypad, click the joystk button.

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