Box Contains
box0_0.png Powerup items comes out of this box, best to break the ones you can find. From 1 to 4 items comes out of it.
Sometimes all the items that comes out are the same. Watch out for powerdown items!

If you are lucky, a recovery item might be inside if your HPs are low.
box1_0.png Buff items and attack items comes out of it.
box2_0.png There are copy abilities inside, and sometimes there are parts of a legendary machine.
box4_0.png Contains Legendary Machine parts. May contain Maxim Tomatoes if all parts are out.


They disappear in 30 seconds. Grey ones are powerdowns, and watch out from fakes!

Normal Negative Fake Name Effect
00.png 10.png 20.png Boost Increases the acceleration.
01.png 11.png 21.png Top Speed Increases the maximum speed.
02.png 12.png 22.png Turn Increases the turning speed.
It might get too fast, so decrease it when it is too much to handle.
03.png 13.png 23.png Charge Increases the charge speed and also the charged boost.
This is very important for machines that relies on charge acceleration.
04.png 14.png 24.png Weight Increases the weight.
However it might make the machine harder to control.
05.png 15.png 25.png Defense Increases the defense, also makes the hit time lower.
06.png 16.png 26.png Glide Increases the flight force and time.
07.png 17.png 27.png Offense Increases the attack power. Not only the damage is higher with items,
but also the charge and spin attack are affected.
08.png 18.png 28.png HP Increases the maximum HP.
09.png 19.png 29.png All Increases every powerups by the exception of the weight.
Rare to drop.

Check! About fake items

Use the Spin invincibility time (0.5 seconds after spin) to your advantage, to avoid the bad effects.


Replenishes your HPs.

Image Name Recover Image Name Recover
30.png Maxim Tomato ALL 3B.png Tenpura Soba +50
31.png Energy Drink +150 38.png Hamburger +42
34.png Meat +75 3A.png Sushi +42
39.png Ramen +75 35.png Apple +36
37.png Rice Omelet +64 33.png Rice Ball +25
36.png Curry and Rice +64 32.png Ice Cream +12


Image Name Effect
40.png Attack Up Boosts your offense for a short amount of time.
41.png Defense Up Boosts your defense for a short amount of time.
42.png Speed Up Boosts your speed for a short amount of time.
43.png Slow Down Slows down your speed for a short amount of time.
44.png Candy Makes you invulnerable for a short period of time.
45.png Battery Your machine goes into overdrive speed for a little while.
Cannot be controlled easily.
46.png No Charge Your charge tank is temporarily unusable.


Image Name Description
50.png Sensor Bomb Gives you a bomb that once set up will explode when
someone is nearby.
51.png Panic Spin Your machine spins for 15 seconds, pretty efficient.
Not invulnerable though.
52.png Fireworks Gives you a cannon and automatically shoots 25 fireworks.
53.png Gordo Gives you 3 gordos that you can throw the farther as you hold the PUSH button.
Going into one deals a lot of damage.

Copy Abilities

These panels comes out of red boxes, each gives you a copy ability, which are only temporary.

Image Name Description
60.png Bomb Lets you throw a bomb that explodes upon touch.
The longer you hold PUSH, the farther you throw.
61.png Fire Press PUSH to toss fireballs that stays on ground for a brief moment.
The opponent touching you will also get hurt.
62.png Freeze Hold PUSH to get ice around you. It damages and freezes enemies.
Effective against Dedede.
63.png Sleep Makes Kirby asleep and thus make your machine uncontrollable.
Tilt the directions to wake up faster. It's also contagious.
64.png Wheel Turns you into a wheel. Controls like a Wheelie.
65.png Wing Makes Kirby have wings and loses the machine,
removes the charge tank but adds flight speed and force.
Unlike the original, this keeps the strength and power of the machine you ride.
66.png Plasma Makes you able to shoot beams.
Wiggling the directions will charge the beam to different levels:
* Level 1: Small beams
* Level 2: More small beams
* Level 3: Shoots three sparks in a row
* Level 4: Shoots a single big spark
* Level 5: Shoots a huge electric ball
67.png Tornado Makes a tornado when you do a charge boost or a spin attack.
Stays a bit, and makes your opponents go upwards. Can also be done in the air.
Effective against Dyna Blade.
68.png Sword Lets Kirby have a Sword, that he will automatically swing at nearby enemies.
69.png Needle Pressing PUSH will get Kirby to extend his needles and is quite efficient.
6A.png Mike Kirby automatically sings and does damage to enemies over a huge range.

Legendary Machine Parts

There's a 1/5th chance that one comes out of a red box. Once you get all three parts of the same set, the machine will be completed and you will automatically ride it. (It also comes out of a pink box if not all of the parts have been collected yet.)
Machine Parts
Dragoon 70.png71.png72.png
Hydra 73.png74.png75.png
Starship 76.png77.png78.png
Orchestra 79.png7A.png7B.png
Thunderbolt 7C.png7D.png7E.png
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