Make a server

Don't forget to open TCP port 52000

We suggest to use port 52000 as much as possible for Air Ride Modoki, however there may be cases for unstable netplay, and therefore we recommend to do the following:
- Use a fixed local IP.
- Turn off Windows Firewall or/and any security software or add exceptions.
- Open port 52000 on your router. How to do it may depend on the router and the ISP.

Launch the server!

To launch a server, you need to run AirRide_Server.exe. (Don't forget to set the language to English in the Settings before running it)
Port 52000 is written by default, unless you know what you're doing, do not change it, and press the "Launch Server!" button.

A black window may appear. It logs everything, and tells you the Local IP and Global IP. Unfortunately this doesn't always work so you have to use other tools to let you know what Global IP you are using.

If you want to connect to your own server, use the Local Connect button.

The same is done for Single Player, you have to make the server, but opening ports are unnecessary for this, you can just launch the server and connect to it at once.

Other informations

IPs like and begins with 192.168. are NOT Global IPs. is your own machine, and those that begins with 192.168. are machines on the Local Network. By knowing this, LAN play is also possible.

Keep in mind, a fast Internet connection is desirable, and be sure that the server is set to what your machine can manage. Heavy bandwidth use makes the server very busy.

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