Single Race

Air Ride Courses (SR)

Those are the normal courses, directly remade from the original game.

Name Description
SR Fantasy Meadows The simple land of grass. It's pure based on the flight and strength abilities.
SR Celestial Valley The mountains, watch out though, you don't want to fall off cliffs, else you'll be disqualified.
SR Sky Sands The desert land, use the most optimal path. Use rails and dash plates in your advantage.
SR Frozen Hillside The cold stage, lots of rails and lots of turns.
SR Magma Flows
SR Beanstalk Park
SR Machine Passage
SR Checker Knights
SR Nebula Belt

Top Ride Courses (TR)

Those are the Top Ride courses from Kirby Air Ride, those are simple top-down courses.

Name Description
TR Grass The simple course.
TR Sand Don't get sucked into the quicksand!
TR Sky
TR Flame
TR Light Look at the lights!
TR Water
TR Metal

Additional Air Ride Courses (SR)

Those are the additional Air Ride courses made by the community.

Name Description
SR Rugged Rocks
SR Raceway Somewhere A familiar raceway. I wonder where it is from…
SR Road Somewhere A familiar road of many colors.
SR Box Square
SR Stadium Dedede
SR Endless Snows
SR Blue Somewhere The familiar blue road. It's quite big.
SR Serial Gap
SR Drift Highway
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