Drag Race

The goal is to get to the finish line as fast as you can in a straight line. There are 4 different types of Drag Race.

Race 1 Booster plates and Copy Ability Roulettes are on the sides of the course.
Race 2 This course has many branches. Avoid running to a wall.
Race 3 Two branches, and then a big jump.
Race 4 Booster plate in the middle, then to the sides, pretty narrow course.

Air Glider

Get as far as you can by flying!

Target Flight

Dash into score panels in a limited set of trials (default 2). The one who has the highest total score wins!
Note: If the projection isn't far enough in the settings, you might not see the panels at the beginning.

High Jump

Jump as high as you can in a limited set of trials (default 2). The highest one wins!

Kirby Melee

Kill as much enemies as you can, the highest spree wins! There are two different maps.
Map 1 Circular map with a copy roulette in the middle (temporary).
Map 2 Not implemented before Test30. In test30, it is almost exactly the same as the gamecube version.

Destruction Derby

Destroy your rivals as much as you can! Avoid being destroyed too while doing so.
Map 1 Avoid falling in holes.
Map 2 The biggest one, your chance is when you pass each other.
Map 3 A copy roulette is at the center of the map.
Map 4 The building area of the city.
Map 5 A deserted house, very small.

Boss Battle

Compete by beating the boss! There's no turning back, if you get destroyed, you will not respawn.

VS King Dedede Watch out from his hammer!
VS Dyna Blade The nest is attacked! And she's not in a good mood.
Air Ride Modoki addition.


Fight until you're the last one alive! No respawn, you must fight your rivals to win.
This is an addition from Air Ride Modoki.

Map 1 Fall into the hole, and you're out!
Map 2 There are nine rooms, watch your back!
Map 3 It's made of a lower area, and a higher one.
Map 4 The garden from the city. Don't fall!
Map 5 The basement of the city. Pretty wide.

Single Race

Win a race the old fashioned way: Finish the laps!
More detailed information about the courses on its own page: Single Race

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